Robert Henrichs

Social Media and Videography/Film

Metatropi Marketing
725 Cottonwood Lane
Kansas City, MO 64068




I started this business to help small business owners benefit from the dynamic platforms of social media. I work very closely with my clients to understand their needs and goals and develop tailored plans of how to satisfy those needs and reach their goals.

The way I do social media is different than that of the large agency. I don't ask you to give me thousands of dollars to run a bunch of ads. I work to build your business a strong social media community. This means that I am constantly looking for ways to communicate with your fans and develop relationships. In short, I understand the need for small businesses to have repeat and advocate customers and I work my best to create more of them.


Septagon Video Walkthrough Septagon Video Walkthrough
You can view the video on my website at