Ashley McCaskill

Art Direction/Graphic Design and Web Design/Multimedia/Interactive

Ashley McCaskill Creative Consultant
PO Box 442395
Lawrence, KS 66044

email: [email protected]



I see design as an opportunity to communicate ideas in a way that contributes to the beauty of the world. My real passion lies in understanding the true nature of things and building a visual representation to speak directly to that message. I’ve surrounded myself with art and inspiration for my entire life and am so happy living in harmony wit that passion as a designer.

I am very skilled at loving any type of animal more than it could ever love me back, cooking and reading food blogs, and geeking out over a well-designed magazine.

More to the point, I am well versed in the Adobe Creative Suite and work in print and web design. Project Management is as much a part of my job as creativity, that is why I believe good communication, timeliness, and collaboration are key components to any successful partnership (not to mention I really enjoy being orderly and dependable). It is important to me that I attract clients that are looking to work collaboratively with a designer to create lasting messages that enrich their business and communities. I love getting to know clients on that journey and helping them define their dreams visually.


Hello Art Anniversary Party Branding Hello Art Anniversary Party Branding
I had the pleasure of working with Hello Art in Kansas City to create the brand and theme for their 6th anniversary Party. We used the 1930's Art Deco theme throughout posters, invitations, signage throughout the venue and on Social Media.
Mr. Bacon BBQ Branding Mr. Bacon BBQ Branding
I had the pleasure of working with a Mom and Pop in Lawrence who make some of the most delicious BBQ I've ever tasted! They wanted to update their brand to be more modern, but still be fun and easy-going. We then used this new logo on new business cards, labels, menus, t-shirts, stickers and so much more. See my website for more!
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