Jen Rarey

Art Direction/Graphic Design and Illustration

Jen Rarey Creative

Overland Park, KS

email: [email protected]

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Download Résumé


Hi! I'm Jen.

I'm a creative director, brand developer, and illustrator/designer. My clients and colleagues work with me because I bring both strategic and aesthetic direction to the table.
You can read what they say about me here:
and view my work here:

I communicate ideas quickly and clearly through sketches and storyboards and I love to collaborate. I bring experience in creating story and character- based franchises and articulating them through
style guides. I’ve also designed and directed products such as greeting cards, toys, books, and gifts, demonstrating a strong affinity for character depiction and development.

My list of clients includes Hallmark Inc., Coca-Cola and their partners (such as 7-Eleven, Royal Caribbean, Wendy's, Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption);; and nonprofits Ocean Matters, The Sonoma Humane Society, and The Humane Society of Greater Kansas City.

My strenghts:
- Illustration
- Character Design
- Graphic Design
- Branding and Logo Design
- Storyboarding
- Presentation Design
- Creative Direction
- Concept exploration

Additionally, I have experience in business writing, blogging and content development.

I'd love to collaborate on your next project!


Branding for HSGKC Art Unleashed Branding for HSGKC Art Unleashed
Branding for HSGKC Dog-n-Jog Branding for HSGKC Dog-n-Jog
Hallmark product design and illustration Hallmark product design and illustration
Original paintings Original paintings
Art inspired by Scuba Art inspired by Scuba