Stina Hergott

Strategic Marketing and Copywriting

Pink Moon Marketing
Think Big Coworking
1712 Main Street
Kansas City, MO 64108

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I am a dreamer, a learner, a connector, and the type of person who makes things happen. I love collaborating with smart people to grow companies, strengthen organizations, and inspire our community. With nearly a decade of marketing experience, I have learned the importance of telling a strong brand story, developing a cohesive marketing strategy, and being relentless in working towards your goals.

If you’re ready to look at the bigger picture behind your brand experience or you just want to connect and share ideas, contact me.


About Pink Moon Marketing About Pink Moon Marketing
Pink Moon Marketing is a brand positioning + strategy development consultancy, meaning we help you figure out your message, where you fit in the marketplace and how you can achieve your goals through solid marketing.
Strategic Marketing Development Package Strategic Marketing Development Package
At Pink Moon Marketing we believe in strategy. That's why we focus on a Strategic Marketing Development Package, a guided process that allows us to look at the bigger picture of your business before diving into the tactics. It ensures everything we do supports your strategic goals, taking the guesswork out of your messaging and marketing.