Ron L Clary

Art Direction/Graphic Design and

Clary Creative
12834 High Drive
Leawood, KS 66209

email: [email protected]

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nobody but me.

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Clary Creative Logos Clary Creative Logos
Logos are product personalities. Here are a few of my favorites.
Intecom Intecom
Tabasco Tabasco
This ad ran during the 2000 Presidential elections. It was the real winner.
Ventura Foods Corporate Ventura Foods Corporate
A fresh look in a category filled with same old center-of-plate photos. At least for today.
Shasta Shasta
Vertical school trade publication ad that gives the abc's of Shasta Plus.
Tracy-Locke Tracy-Locke
If you've ever been to an agency Christmas party you'll understand this headline says it all. Then again maybe you don't remember.
Ventura Foods - Operator Ad Ventura Foods - Operator Ad
Ventura Foods - Operator Ad 2 Ventura Foods - Operator Ad 2
This isn't just another cookie cutter ad for a foodservice supplier. Understanding what operators really need is just one way Clary Creative sets itself apart from the competition.
Universal Foods Universal Foods
Staying in business is a full time business. In this ad Universal helps with products that will set you apart. Now that's value.