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RGA Direct Mail campaign RGA Direct Mail campaign
RGA's project goal was to secure clients obtained from a recent merger. Their audience was property insurance adjusters and the project challenges included getting noticed amidst the plethora of advertising messages, creating a memorable campaign and creating confidence in RGA with client prospects. Campaign results included successfully capturing clients' attention, creating a professional image for RGA and a smooth transition of clients to RGA.
d'Bronx signage d'Bronx signage
D'Bronx restaurant wanted to further build their brand by splashing their image throughout their restaurant signage. The project included numerous signs and the development of an e-newsletter. Results include a growing catering business, increased awareness of services among guests and superb brand recognition.
City of Riverside Blog City of Riverside Blog
The City of Riverside, Mo wanted to create a city voice and virtual town square. Their audience includes residents, businesses, developers and visitors. Capturing their vast amounts of information was a huge undertaking and the challenges included creating a tool of change, effectively conveying immense amounts of information and meeting numerous stakeholders' expectations. Riverside's successful Bog and Website is inviting and informative, it serves as a voice for the city, it is an extremely effective business tool and serves future generations as a historical repository.