Ted Tronnes

Art Direction/Graphic Design and Advertising

tedtronnes advertising & design
7638 Oak Street
Kansas City, MO 64114

email: [email protected]
web: http://www.tedtronnes.com/

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Download Résumé


Pro Bono poster Pro Bono poster
This was designed and written by me for the Wyandotte Co School Sytem for placement in halls and classrooms to combat the alarming rate of teen suicide and promote the Teenanswer hotline.
More Guts, More Glory More Guts, More Glory
Revamping the Kansas City Star sports section was no small undertaking. This was one of 4 full-page ads and accompanying outdoor for the Star to get the word out.
Baythroid saves more than your crop Baythroid saves more than your crop
The typical bottom-line B2B message. It doesn't have to be hum-drum to be quick.
Tough room, tough crowd, tough chair Tough room, tough crowd, tough chair
One of several in a campaign for a B2B client who understood the value of a humanistic (and humorous) approach to branding.
Pedigree Pedigree
Research told us that for peanut growers in the Southeast, it was God, family, and quail hunting in that order. And we had a budding family of products they could believe in.
Anne Arundel Medical Center Anne Arundel Medical Center
The challenge: talk parts. Get at-risk patients in the door. The national excellence of their physicans will do the rest. 2 in a series of 4.
Five-Star ranking Five-Star ranking
Humanity and a unique selling proposition, together at last.
Some favorite logos Some favorite logos