Kelly Waggoner

Art Direction/Graphic Design and Advertising

W Design LLC
24420 S. Persimmon Lane
Peculiar, MO 64078

email: [email protected]

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Download Résumé


My creative mission is to help you open a line of communication, build relationships and stay in front of your customers. With creative, eye-catching designs targeted at your specific customers, I will set you apart from the competition. I have been a freelance designer for the past 19 years and have an extensive background in the print and digital mediums. My clients have ranged from mom and pop shops to Fortune 500 Companies.

My turnaround times can�t be beat! If you outsource your graphic design materials, call me today! I would be more than happy to set up an appointment to determine how together, we can make your next campaign a winner!

Below are a few samples of my work. If you would like to see a complete portfolio please dont hesitate to contact me.


a williams events web site a williams events web site This is a compete flash web site for a high-end party planner. This site won a 2009 Silver ICE award.
Ernest Shackleton Diary Ernest Shackleton Diary
This direct mail piece is set up to look like a diary of Mr. Shackleton and the adventures of his trips to the South Pole. How he protected his crew and brought them all back alive. The Client, Johnson and Dugan provide Insurance and employee benefits. This piece won a gold at the 2009 ICE awards but more importantly it helped the client win a very large client.
Philly Ad Club Poster Philly Ad Club Poster
This poster was an announcement of a party to introduce the seasoned marketing professionals with the new up and comers in the Ad Club. The concept was simple and direct...put up a "wanted" poster. This piece won a Silver Freebe award in 2007.
TransAm Corporate Brochure TransAm Corporate Brochure
The idea here was to get through the clutter of the competition brochures and stand out. This brochure unlike all other trucking companies has no trucks on the cover, but there is that truck feel with the embossed pin stripes and flat black cover. It has worked, people are actually opening the brochure and reading what TransAm has to offer rather that just tossing it in the trash. This piece received a Silver Freebe award in 2007.
H&R Block Payroll H&R Block Payroll
This envelope stuffer was to roll out a new product offered by H&R Block. The new product would allow H&R Block to help companies deal with payroll. The concept was "payroll is a headache" and that the owner should get back to doing what they do best and leave the headache of payroll to H&R Block.
WIT Identity system WIT Identity system
The client wanted to have a "corporate" look and feel with a "fresh twist" so this logo and identity package I created a fun and interesting look without crossing the line of "cute" This package won a 2009 Gold ICE award.
Arbor Masters DM Campaign Arbor Masters DM Campaign
This fall campaign was Arbor Masters first Direct Mail campaign, so the look and feel of all their marketing pieces to follow are based on the look of these cards. I played off the triangle shape in the logo to place images into.
Memorial Community Hospital Annual Report Memorial Community Hospital Annual Report
This was Blair's 50th Anniversary Annual Report. We tried to create a "timeline" cover concept and carry that look throughout the interior pages.
United Way Poster United Way Poster
This poster is one element of an entire campaign for United Way. The concept was United Way offers services in all stages of your life.
Creighton University Medical Center Creighton University Medical Center
This surgery packet is given to patients when they schedule a surgery. Enclosed is all the information they will need to have before surgery. The concept is giving them their very own medical chart to refer to. Winner of the 2005 Freelance Exchange Best of Show Publication Design!