Tina Smith

Art Direction/Graphic Design and Strategic Marketing

Hillcroft Design
27835 W. 89th Street
Lenexa, KS 66227

email: [email protected]
web: http://www.hillcroftdesign.com

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Download Résumé


Project Literacy Poster Project Literacy Poster
Poster design for Project Literacy. Playful, fun collage image for a high energy look. Designed using Quark, PhotoShop and Illustrator.
Harley Davidson Product & Packaging Harley Davidson Product & Packaging
Product concept and prototypes for Harley Davidson toiletries for men.
Poster for the Cure (Band) Poster for the Cure (Band)
Poster design for The Cure, a band of musicians.
JCCC Theatre Poster JCCC Theatre Poster
Poster concept for the Johnson County Community College theatrical production of a Chinese play. Designed using Illustrator.
Alouette Brochure Alouette Brochure
Sales flyer (test) for new skin care line, Alouette. Fresh, clean approach featuring photos of natural elements to reflect the safe, natural products.
Martini Designs Martini Designs
Series of four witty & wise Martini designs. Poster production is in process; also appropriate for advertising.
Cookie Lee Post Cards Cookie Lee Post Cards
Cookie Lee home jewelry party promotion; two design looks for post card. Designed using InDesign.
Logo Design Examples Logo Design Examples
A small selection of my logo designs. Identity systems were developed from each logo. Some elements were drawn by hand, then finalized in Illustrator files.
YMCA Direct Mail #1 YMCA Direct Mail #1
Developed concept and wrote headlines for YMCA marketing campaign for four targeted consumer groups. Designed new YMCA Kansas City logo and developed style guide.
YMCA Billboard (on I-70) YMCA Billboard (on I-70)
Billboard design that coordinates with 2005 YMCA Kansas City campaign. This billboard is currently up on I-70.