Suzanne C. Hurtig

Art Direction/Graphic Design and Advertising

Suzanne Hurtig Design
1104 Stone Meadows Drive
Lawrence, KS 66049

email: [email protected]

AOL Instant Messager: pipingplover22

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Download Résumé


Suzanne has enjoyed 20 years experience in the graphic design and advertising industries, where photo compositing and retouching often play key roles.

Originally from Long Island, New York, and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, she brings a fresh perspective to her clients in the Midwest. Through the beauty of electronic data transfers, FedEx and a good old-fashioned road trip, Suzanne supports clients as close as Topeka, Lawrence and Kansas City and as far away as New York and Alabama.

Suzanne truly loves the experience of coaxing beauty, sophistication and a clever twist from the marketing materials she designs to make that emotional connection with consumers. Nothing beats the personal relationships she forms with her clients and the thrill of hearing that excited "Wow, this is great!" response.


Dragonfly Botanicare Logo Dragonfly Botanicare Logo
Dragonfly Botanicare, a hand-crafted skin care product company, needed a fresh logo, product packaging and an identity system that reflected the coolness, luxury and tranquility of the relaxation experience.
The Futon Company Billboard The Futon Company Billboard
Topeka Humane Society Poster Topeka Humane Society Poster
I worked with an outstanding writer to concept this pro bono poster. Back when Nike's Just Do It ads were everywhere, we thought it would be interesting to twist that dream around for a not so athletic pup.
Forever Kansas! Book and Jacket Design Forever Kansas! Book and Jacket Design
Designing a book of this size and scope was great fun. In addition, it further honed my organizational skills in the areas of photo editing and print coordination. And I worked with a great editor who gave me the freedom to run with the design I envisioned.
AirCell Dinosaur Trade Ad AirCell Dinosaur Trade Ad
This ad, and supporting direct mail brochure, blazed an entirely new look and feel for communications in this industry, which tend to be straightforward and expected. Just the break in positioning the category leader wanted to embrace. Tackling the photo compositing myself was a thrill knowing the image would either make or break the campaign.
Corporate Brochure Corporate Brochure
This spread from a brochure affectionately called the "Send me something" brochure was designed to function as a first introduction to the agency when a new prospect called. Consequently capturing the personality of the company was essential.
Satcom Direct Data Sheets Satcom Direct Data Sheets
Satcom Direct wanted a makeover to elevate their brand image and build awareness in the marketplace. Their leadership and strength in this technology-driven industry needed to be balanced with the friendliness that is their trademark. Even down to the lowly data sheet, all communications now sport a clean white field with subtle pinstriping to illustrate their understated power.
Algebrator Web Design Algebrator Web Design
Shown here is my favorite design for the Algebrator website, a product that helps teach students Algebra. Students today are very web saavy, so designing non-traditional navigational buttons allowed for strategic creative expression.
Lawrence Visitor Guide Lawrence Visitor Guide
Shown is an inside spread of one of the feature articles from the publication. The design reinforced the objective of showing Lawrence as an energetic, contemporary, artsy, yet refined destination.
Mammography Brochure Mammography Brochure
Kansas Foundation for Medical Care needed a brochure that dealt with the weighty issue of encouraging mammography screenings, while keeping the tone upbeat and hopeful.